Work wear in the dead of summer


Like most Arizonans, I have reached my tolerance of heat this summer. It gets to a point where you can’t fathom wearing anything but flip flops, shorts and a plain t-shirt because anything more is pure torture (especially during the random days with humidity). This is a real struggle when you still need to look nice for your job, and even more of a struggle when your job consists of traveling throughout the valley all day. This means pounding the pavement and getting in and out of a hot car. This outfit was worn with a short sleeve  cotton cardigan to make it more professional at work. Here are my tips for dressing for the office in the summer:

Layers: Layering different breathable fabrics will make it easier to go from freezing office to hot car and back again. Don’t go for any lined jackets or blazers; try cardigans, airy button-ups and lightweight linen and cotton fabrics. You can remove them on and off as the temperature around you changes. See examples below.

Open-toed shoes: There are plenty of professional looking open-toed shoes. This can really make a difference in the heat. You would be surprised how much cooler you would be by just swapping a closed toed pair of shoes for open-toed shoes. Even if your job requires slacks and a blazer that day, open toed shoes will make things a little less miserable

Adding style with accessories: As I mentioned before, there are days in Arizona where jackets, vests, and jeans are not an option during the summer days in Phoenix. So another way of adding style to an outfit is in the accessories. Belts, statement jewelry, lightweight scarves, bright sandals, colorful handbags and hair accessories are all ways to still make me feel pulled together. This is the time to rely on your basics in your closet and let your accessories have a moment.

The formula: Open toed shoes + colorful accessories + a lot of WATER + and basic pieces like shirt dresses, cotton skirts and button ups, and sleeveless blouses= summer survivor uniform



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