Neck Scarves


A scarf? A scarf in summer? Yes and yes. They aren’t just for winter, and they aren’t just made of wool and fleece. Scarves did not originate as a fashion statement as much as they were a practical garment used to keep cool and dry; however, as time went on, brands like Hermes and Burberry made them iconic fashion statements. My scarf is a vintage silk scarf from a thrift shop.

Scarves, especially silk scarves, are ones of those items in your closet that should never be given away. They are classic and beautiful and are an art piece.   If you are afraid of prints, this is the perfect way to introduce color and print without a lot of commitment. You can tie them around your bag, use them in your hair, and of course, my current favorite way, around your neck. If you are interested in the history of scarves like me (nerd), you can view a timeline history of scarves here.


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