Culottes: a Triumphant Story Part 1 of 2



I know, these are weird. And you are thinking “I would never buy those”. But come on, we’re all getting tired of skinny jeans. I am really liking the new high rise skinnies, mainly because they hide FUPA, but let’s be honest, those are not comfortable. I challenge you all to give these a try, but I know you will need some convincing. These are Seven for All Mankind, and I got them for like, nothing, because no one  was about to take that risk, so they found their way to the clearance rack. I will do it for you, and a year from now when these are the new “IT” jean at Forever 21 and Express, you will thank me. The easiest way to start wearing these is with heels. It gives you time to adjust to the crop length. Hence why this is Part One of Two. Flats and culottes can be a little scary, so we will tackle that next week.

More examples:


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