Guest Bathroom: No-Demo-Reno

BEFORE: If you are leasing, these are all cosmetic changes! I think its a great reminder that paint and accessories can do wonders. I wanted this bathroom to look nice for guests staying with us during the week of our wedding, but obviously, since I was getting married, I didn't have the time or money … Continue reading Guest Bathroom: No-Demo-Reno

Work wear in the dead of summer

Like most Arizonans, I have reached my tolerance of heat this summer. It gets to a point where you can't fathom wearing anything but flip flops, shorts and a plain t-shirt because anything more is pure torture (especially during the random days with humidity). This is a real struggle when you still need to look nice for your job, and … Continue reading Work wear in the dead of summer

Neck Scarves

A scarf? A scarf in summer? Yes and yes. They aren't just for winter, and they aren't just made of wool and fleece. Scarves did not originate as a fashion statement as much as they were a practical garment used to keep cool and dry; however, as time went on, brands like Hermes and Burberry made … Continue reading Neck Scarves

Culottes: A triumphant story part 2 of 2

Culottes with flats is all about proportion. Because you are not wearing heels to lengthen, you need to make sure your shirt-to=pant ratio is just right. You can accomplish this by making sure your shirt is either tucked in your culottes, or that your shirt is a cropped length and ends just above the waistband. … Continue reading Culottes: A triumphant story part 2 of 2

Culottes: a Triumphant Story Part 1 of 2

  I know, these are weird. And you are thinking "I would never buy those". But come on, we're all getting tired of skinny jeans. I am really liking the new high rise skinnies, mainly because they hide FUPA, but let's be honest, those are not comfortable. I challenge you all to give these a … Continue reading Culottes: a Triumphant Story Part 1 of 2

Feminine dress + Casual shoes

This outfit was inspired by a look I saw on SincerelyJules. She is really great at mixing femininity with Normcore/casualwear. Most of us have a really girly feminine dress in our closet, and many of us also have a pair of tennis shoes or old slip-on Vans we save for Disneyland trips (No? Just me?) I think the idea of … Continue reading Feminine dress + Casual shoes

Clubbin’ shoes

  This look was inspired by an outfit I saw Olivia Palermo in. These heels are normally not something I would consider purchasing, because like most, I am looking for items I can wear to work. I bought these shoes at Charlotte Russe, who styled them like most would, with a tight, short, no-way-you can have … Continue reading Clubbin’ shoes