Guest Bathroom: No-Demo-Reno

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Mirrors: TargetTarget | Camel figurine: Target | Shower curtain: Target | Towels: Target, similar here and here | Print: Target, similar here | Rug: Target | Pig wall planter: Target, similar here | Paint: Behr Opera Glasses, semi-gloss | Soap Dispenser: Target, similar here | Ceramic dish: Target, similar here  | “Grow” planter: Target, not similar but another quirky one here


If you are leasing, these are all cosmetic changes! I think its a great reminder that paint and accessories can do wonders.

I wanted this bathroom to look nice for guests staying with us during the week of our wedding, but obviously, since I was getting married, I didn’t have the time or money to pour into this bathroom. I started collecting items I liked over the months leading up to this “light” reno, and I had some wonderful family gift us the mirrors for a bridal shower gift. This whole bathroom DIY totaled around $200-$250. I tried to identify the main issues of the bathroom, and focus on those main flaws:

-There was a yellow/off white cast to the bathroom, so I wanted to use a blue to bring balance to the warmth in the room.

-The mirror felt very builder-grade, so I wanted some statement mirrors to anchor the bathroom and make it feel fresh.

I would LOVE to change out the counter tops and re-tile the shower, but we are only planning on living in this house for a few more years, so those are things I probably will not get to before then. However, I do still plan on updating the following:

  • Bathroom sink faucets: I like these from Amazon, since they are cheap and look like they would be easy to clean. I am also considering just replacing one faucet, and maybe getting a sink cap or large square piece of granite to cover one of the sinks so there is more counter space.
  • Light fixures: The current one is rusted, and just doesn’t match. I am hoping to do something like this, soon.
  • Towel racks/add hooks and a new shower rod. I am not particular on the look of these, I just want them to be sturdy and big enough for the towels to lay flat so they will actually dry. I would also like to add a few hooks for hanging a robe and clean clothes.


Work wear in the dead of summer


Like most Arizonans, I have reached my tolerance of heat this summer. It gets to a point where you can’t fathom wearing anything but flip flops, shorts and a plain t-shirt because anything more is pure torture (especially during the random days with humidity). This is a real struggle when you still need to look nice for your job, and even more of a struggle when your job consists of traveling throughout the valley all day. This means pounding the pavement and getting in and out of a hot car. This outfit was worn with a short sleeve  cotton cardigan to make it more professional at work. Here are my tips for dressing for the office in the summer:

Layers: Layering different breathable fabrics will make it easier to go from freezing office to hot car and back again. Don’t go for any lined jackets or blazers; try cardigans, airy button-ups and lightweight linen and cotton fabrics. You can remove them on and off as the temperature around you changes. See examples below.

Open-toed shoes: There are plenty of professional looking open-toed shoes. This can really make a difference in the heat. You would be surprised how much cooler you would be by just swapping a closed toed pair of shoes for open-toed shoes. Even if your job requires slacks and a blazer that day, open toed shoes will make things a little less miserable

Adding style with accessories: As I mentioned before, there are days in Arizona where jackets, vests, and jeans are not an option during the summer days in Phoenix. So another way of adding style to an outfit is in the accessories. Belts, statement jewelry, lightweight scarves, bright sandals, colorful handbags and hair accessories are all ways to still make me feel pulled together. This is the time to rely on your basics in your closet and let your accessories have a moment.

The formula: Open toed shoes + colorful accessories + a lot of WATER + and basic pieces like shirt dresses, cotton skirts and button ups, and sleeveless blouses= summer survivor uniform



Neck Scarves


A scarf? A scarf in summer? Yes and yes. They aren’t just for winter, and they aren’t just made of wool and fleece. Scarves did not originate as a fashion statement as much as they were a practical garment used to keep cool and dry; however, as time went on, brands like Hermes and Burberry made them iconic fashion statements. My scarf is a vintage silk scarf from a thrift shop.

Scarves, especially silk scarves, are ones of those items in your closet that should never be given away. They are classic and beautiful and are an art piece.   If you are afraid of prints, this is the perfect way to introduce color and print without a lot of commitment. You can tie them around your bag, use them in your hair, and of course, my current favorite way, around your neck. If you are interested in the history of scarves like me (nerd), you can view a timeline history of scarves here.


Culottes: A triumphant story part 2 of 2


Culottes with flats is all about proportion. Because you are not wearing heels to lengthen, you need to make sure your shirt-to=pant ratio is just right. You can accomplish this by making sure your shirt is either tucked in your culottes, or that your shirt is a cropped length and ends just above the waistband. That will ensure that your proportions are in tact. You’re going to see culottes a lot in the next few months so you may as well accept it now!

The formula:

Culottes + cropped or tucked in shirt +flats of all sorts (tennis shoes, slip-ons, sandals, etc…) + accessories of all sorts + bewildering, but awesome compliments that you will redoubtably receive





Culottes: a Triumphant Story Part 1 of 2



I know, these are weird. And you are thinking “I would never buy those”. But come on, we’re all getting tired of skinny jeans. I am really liking the new high rise skinnies, mainly because they hide FUPA, but let’s be honest, those are not comfortable. I challenge you all to give these a try, but I know you will need some convincing. These are Seven for All Mankind, and I got them for like, nothing, because no one  was about to take that risk, so they found their way to the clearance rack. I will do it for you, and a year from now when these are the new “IT” jean at Forever 21 and Express, you will thank me. The easiest way to start wearing these is with heels. It gives you time to adjust to the crop length. Hence why this is Part One of Two. Flats and culottes can be a little scary, so we will tackle that next week.

More examples:


Feminine dress + Casual shoes


This outfit was inspired by a look I saw on SincerelyJules. She is really great at mixing femininity with Normcore/casualwear. Most of us have a really girly feminine dress in our closet, and many of us also have a pair of tennis shoes or old slip-on Vans we save for Disneyland trips (No? Just me?) I think the idea of Normcore is pretty well-known movement now, so I will save you the explanation; but, think of this as a mix of femininity and “tom-boy” style. Its two opposite styles coming together in harmony. Daria and Quinn. Sporty and Baby. Charlotte and Miranda.  Its really modern, and really really easy to do.

The formula:

Feminine dress (preferably one with a little flounce and swing to it) – the Lululemon pants–we’re not going THAT normcore + tennis shoes or slip ons+ your favorite accessories like a cross-body bag and a hat.

More examples below:

l l1






Clubbin’ shoes


_DSC0107_DSC0103_DSC0108_DSC0095_DSC0111_DSC0096 (2)

This look was inspired by an outfit I saw Olivia Palermo in. These heels are normally not something I would consider purchasing, because like most, I am looking for items I can wear to work. I bought these shoes at Charlotte Russe, who styled them like most would, with a tight, short, no-way-you can have a food-baby-in-that, bandage dress. Think about the shoes you have in your closet that you never wear. I’ll give you a second… Why don’t you wear them? Because you rarely have an occasion to wear them to, right? For the love of those poor heels that sit in the sad dark corners of your closet, consider a new perspective. Can you wear them another way for another occasion? Understated work wear and an awesome pair of heels helps you wear your neutrals without feeling lackluster. I was comfortable wearing these heels to work since the rest of my outfit was so understated, but dinner and/or a night out is a good first step if you aren’t ready to get side eye from your envious coworkers.

The formula for this look is: Solid color slacks (preferably high wasted) + solid colored blouse – slutty dress + a FIERCE pair of heels, (preferably in a bright color, pattern or texture)- the Red Bull and Vodka that undoubtedly will get spilled on you at the bars + a whole lot of confidence.