Feminine dress + Casual shoes


This outfit was inspired by a look I saw on SincerelyJules. She is really great at mixing femininity with Normcore/casualwear. Most of us have a really girly feminine dress in our closet, and many of us also have a pair of tennis shoes or old slip-on Vans we save for Disneyland trips (No? Just me?) I think the idea of Normcore is pretty well-known movement now, so I will save you the explanation; but, think of this as a mix of femininity and “tom-boy” style. Its two opposite styles coming together in harmony. Daria and Quinn. Sporty and Baby. Charlotte and Miranda.  Its really modern, and really really easy to do.

The formula:

Feminine dress (preferably one with a little flounce and swing to it) – the Lululemon pants–we’re not going THAT normcore + tennis shoes or slip ons+ your favorite accessories like a cross-body bag and a hat.

More examples below:

l l1






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