Clubbin’ shoes


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This look was inspired by an outfit I saw Olivia Palermo in. These heels are normally not something I would consider purchasing, because like most, I am looking for items I can wear to work. I bought these shoes at Charlotte Russe, who styled them like most would, with a tight, short, no-way-you can have a food-baby-in-that, bandage dress. Think about the shoes you have in your closet that you never wear. I’ll give you a second… Why don’t you wear them? Because you rarely have an occasion to wear them to, right? For the love of those poor heels that sit in the sad dark corners of your closet, consider a new perspective. Can you wear them another way for another occasion? Understated work wear and an awesome pair of heels helps you wear your neutrals without feeling lackluster. I was comfortable wearing these heels to work since the rest of my outfit was so understated, but dinner and/or a night out is a good first step if you aren’t ready to get side eye from your envious coworkers.

The formula for this look is: Solid color slacks (preferably high wasted) + solid colored blouse – slutty dress + a FIERCE pair of heels, (preferably in a bright color, pattern or texture)- the Red Bull and Vodka that undoubtedly will get spilled on you at the bars + a whole lot of confidence.


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